Unique nature, hospitable people, impressive facilities, hotels and rooms of all categories, quiet and family atmosphere, countless parks, playgrounds, sites, ta6ernes and restaurants with homemade food, authentic bakeries serving hot dumplings and delicious pies are features that make the region an ideal place for physical relaxation and mental calm.

The climate of the region during the summer months is very dry and slightly warm because of the cool northeast winds that blow from June to August every evening.The medicinal bath of Loutra Ypatis is the only acid- carbonaceous spring in Greece and one of the rarest in the world.

The water is clear, with a hydrogen sulfide smell, its taste is particular salt, the temperature is exactly 33,5 C and it has an appreciable therapeutic effect on the human body that suffers from:

1.diseases of the circulatory system
2.skin diseases
3.arthritic and rheumatic disorders
4.Peripheral nerve disorders
5.syndromes of disorders of the neurovascular system
6.gynecological diseases
7.Respiratory diseases


Manager: Politou Panagiota

Address: Loutra Ypatis

Ypati, Fthiotida

Zip Code: 35016

Telephone: 22310 - 59313

Fax: 22310 59533

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