Loutra Ypatis

Loutra Ypati is a modern resort, built at the foot of the massif of Iti. The area is a "blessed" place. The mountain of Iti, in conjunction with River Sperhios, creates a beautiful landscape, ideal for nature lovers and hiking. The area is ideal for alternative tourism, mountain bike, hiking, hunting.

The spa baths is unique, because of the composition of the water. It is the only spa in Greece, and one of the few worldwide, where the water is acid-carbonic.

In your free time you can visit several attractions within walking distance from our hotel, like the Iti National Park, the Monastery of Agathon, the historic bridge Gorgopotamos, the Byzantine Museum of Ypati.

Useful Telephones

  • Bus agent of Athens (Athens-Lamia, Lamia- Athens): 22310 51345
  • Bus agent of Ypatis(Loutra Ypatis-Lamia, Lamia-Loutra Ypatis): 22310 51348
  • Railway Station of Lianokladi: 22310 61061
  • Police Department of Ypati: 22310 98411, 22310 98455
  • Ypatis' Clinic: 22310 98321
  • Loutra Ypatis' Clinic: 22310 59100
  • Loutra Ypatis' Spa: 22310 59526
  • Byzantine Museum of Ypati: 22310 98079
  • Holy Monastery of Agathonas: 22310 95218
  • National History Museum: 22310 95236
  • Natural Park of Iti: 22310 59007

Area Map


Manager: Politou Panagiota

Address: Loutra Ypatis

Ypati, Fthiotida

Zip Code: 35016

Telephone: 22310 - 59313

Fax: 22310 59533

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